Copywriter, editor, web content manager
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About Me

Freelance copywriter and editor for businesses. Experienced, creative, results-oriented.


I've been writing and editing for businesses for nearly two decades. My passion is turning the curious into clients and clients into evangelists.

I’ll be your editor, for projects large and small — daily emails to book manuscripts. My superpower is helping people say what they really mean, using clear, persuasive, creative language.

Marketing copywriting is my sweet spot, with deep experience in brochures, web content, emails, and executive-level thought leadership.

Web content management is another calling of mine. I’ve never met a CMS I didn’t like, and have managed website materials for everyone from a small, local newspaper to a Fortune 100 global giant. Intranets are my favorite.

I’ve written corporate newsletters for readers around the globe, and even proofread courtroom transcripts (yes, full-time). I landed my first professional editing gig at 21, and can’t imagine doing anything else.

Three things I’m really into at the moment: